2018 Summer Art Camps

Mix up your summer routine with Igimo Art Camps!

Loving art and can’t get enough? Then get ready for a week of non-stop creative fun and join IGIMO Art Station for a variety of week-long, themed art parties. We’re exploring creative ideas and materials for drawing, painting, and sculpting, hand-made crafts, and more. Each day will begin with a guided step-by-step drawing or painting lesson based on a variety of themes including animals, landscapes, still life, architecture, and more. Students will learn basic art principles of drawing, painting, color mixing, perspective and composition. Acrylic paint, oil pastel, watercolor, clay, charcoal and colored pencils are some of the media to be explored. Art supplies included, dress to get messy and bring a light snack.


There are four camp themes to choose from. Please see below.

Jul 9 -Aug 31, 2018

Camp Locations:
Redmond IGIMO
7829 168th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052

Seattle IGIMO
4739 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118

Phone: (206) 760-3797

Fee: $200

Art Around the World

This Discovery Week takes students around the world to the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas to study the arts and culture of these lands. Students will work with materials such as raffia, string, feathers, papier- mache, clay, and beads along with tempera paint, acrylic paint, pipe cleaners, watercolor, and markers to create projects such as African masks, Pablo Picasso-inspired self-portraits, Chinese kites, Aborigine dreamtime objects and more!                               Date           Time               Age        Location         Jul 9-13     9am-12pm    5-8 yrs   SEATTLE





Space Aliens & Robots

Blast off for adventure in this cosmic summer camp where we’ll create art projects that are literally out of this world! Join us as we explore the final frontier – both real and imagined. Sci-fi enthusiasts will have great fun drawing and sculpting alien buddies and vintage and futuristic robots. We’ll even design and sew an alien plush doll. Explore the creative potential of the cosmos as you make spaceships, moonscapes and extraterrestrial-inspired art.   Date                Time             Age          Location  Jul 23-27         9am-12pm  4-5 yrs    REDMOND                           1pm-4pm    5-8 yrs    REDMOND  Jul 30-Aug 3   9am-12pm  8-12 yrs  SEATTLE





Jungle Mania!

Create WILD art projects! Hike through the great rainforests of the world and learn about the colorful tree frogs, exotic flowers, tropical trees and other living things that grow there. Learn new art techniques and create friendly sloths and toucans and some not-so-friendly piranhas while finding inspiration and beauty in the rainforest habitat and its people. Students will draw and paint using a variety of media, create clay critters, paint a birdhouse, design and sew an animal themed travel pillow and more!                                                     Date            Time              Age            Location  Aug 6-10     9am-12pm   5-8 yrs       SEATTLE  Aug 13-17   9am-12pm   8-12 yrs    REDMOND                       1pm-4pm     5-8 yrs       REDMOND




Magical Fairies & Unicorns

Unicorns, fairies, trolls, dragons – these creatures and more from universal fairytales will come to life this week in arts and crafts. Mix fantasy and art to bring the characters you imagine believably onto the page. Highlights in this magical camp include designing and making your very own fairy friend, drawing fairyland creatures, fairy fashions, painting a unicorn portrait, soap-making, jewelry-making and more! Gel pens, glitter glue, metallic markers, glow-in-the-dark paints, sequins, gems, beads and anything that shines will be used to create fantastic work!                      Date             Time               Age          Location  Aug 20-24    9am-12pm   4-5 yrs     REDMOND                        1-4pm           8-12 yrs   REDMOND  Aug 27-31    9am-12pm   8-12 yrs   SEATTLE