Art Enrichment Programs

We bring the art to you!

The Igimo Art Station is proud to present – Art Enrichment Programs for all ages! Igimo instructors are now available to create custom programs for your school or community group. Classes range from drawing, painting, collage and sculpture.  Here are some groups we’ve worked with in the past:

  • Preschoolers
  • K- 5th Grade Students
  • Middle School Students
  • Homeschool Groups
  • Senior Citizens

Igimo Art Enrichment Programs offer the invaluable experience of learning from professional artists. Students can expect to gain confidence in their drawing skills on a week-to-week basis while working with high-quality art materials.

Benefits of Art Enrichment Programs

  • Add culture and creativity to a child’s education
  • Enjoy an organized, creative outlet to relieve stress and build camaraderie
  • Have fun and discover your inner artist by honing a rewarding skill
  • See your art on display and watch your skills develop

And the biggest benefit? We take care of everything. All you need to bring to class is a willingness to learn. (But we’ll admit that a love for art is greatly appreciated!) We’re looking forward to creating an exciting, dynamic experience for your community group or school. For any questions or more details, just give us a call or shoot us an e-mail!